Stone Cold drives a Cement Truck!

Story taken from the book: The Stone Cold Truth (Buy it on Amazon)
05_CementSome of my favorite over-the-top bits on Raw involves Stone Cold driving and smashing different kinds of vehicles. Probably the one that started the trend was when I filled up Mr. McMahon’s nice classic Corvette with tons of fresh concrete from a cement truck at Nassau Coliseum. I was looking for major ways to PO Vince and figure that might do it.

There aren’t too many times when you get to wreck a Corvette on purpose. When I saw that car, I said I would just as soon take it home as destroy it. It was a nice car that WWE had purchased out of the newspaper for this stunt.

This was live TV, and I had never driven a cement truck before. There was a mechanism you had to use, with buttons and levers to make the chute work and the cement go. I was out there learning how to drive it just twenty minutes before the show started.

There are a lot of things that can go wrong on live TV, but this little piece of business turned out to be a blast! The window glass of the Corvette shattered as the car filled up to the top with cement, so that was cool. Then it was running out the window. That car must have weigh ten tons or more now! They still have it and haul it around the country to each WrestleMania for the fans to see.


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