John Cena find his free-stylin’ character

cenaIf not for one specific trip in Europe, I would still be searching for my connection with fans. My chance to develop my free-stylin’ character arose from something we were doing to pass the time during a bus ride in England.

We were on the Rebellion Tour in the fall of 2002, and that’s one of the few times that everybody travels together. By the end of the week, the traveling got real long and tedious. Whenever we go overseas the fans are incredible, they are just awesome to us. All that energy in the building was keeping us going on the bus.

Now, we ended up having a lot of guys in the back of the bus who all like hip-hop, guys like Rikishi, Rey Mysterio, and Chuck Palumbo. We all just started rhyming. It got to be my turn and, man I must have freestyled for like five or ten minutes straight. It was just flowin’. Little did I know that in the front of the bus was half of the creative team who heard it and said, “We gotta do something with this.”

I’d freestyled backstage at Raw before, but just in front of few of the guys. On this bus was the first time a lot of people could hear, and it gave me a huge opportunity and pretty much launched my career.

From Cena to Superstar -by, John Cena. Story taken from WWE book – Are We There Yet? (Buy it on Amazon)


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