Hi there!

Nice to have you visit my blog and thank you. My alter-ego is Rockecy, so you can call me by that name. (Hey, come on now, we are in a world of pro-wrestling).

I have been an audience to pro-wrestling since I was a kid. Couple of days back I thought watching and reading about it wasn’t enough. So I am out here to connect with other people who run parallel to me.  I am from India and if you are too, then give me a shout out!

Now….why are we here again? This page is a hanging point for pro-wrestling fans from India! You will come across some interesting (according to me) facts, stories and media posts. Of course, this is available over the internet, but yours truly, will make sure that the best is skimmed and lands on this page.

The obligatory speech – I am NOT a wrestler nor associated with any wrestling industry. I am just a fan trying to connect with others.IMAG3351

Feel free to make a request or suggestion. I would love to hear from you.

Much love>> 


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